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Are you asking the right question to get the job?

Watch this video and clue in to the statement in the middle.  Get the job by focusing on what you can do to help.  The secret to life is making it about everyone else and not you.  My favorite saying, “Guess what it’s not about you.”  Make it about others and win the job, the... Read more »

Wanted Millenials looking for purposeful internships

San Diego Coastkeeper’s Environmental Internships  A variety of environmental internships that offer hands-on experience and skill development for future careers in the non-profit and for-profit sectors. These positions have flexible hours based on your school/work schedules and are non-paid, unless otherwise noted. Non-paid internships currently available: Environmental Law and Policy Interns Outreach and Events Intern... Read more »

We are all buyers don’t sell us

None of us buy products. We all buy products of the product—which are called benefits or need solutions. In short, we don’t buy what the product is; we buy what the product does for us.  Everyone is a buyer and they come to us that way.  They all have a problem that needs to be... Read more »

Millennial Quits in a Boss Way

Have you ever desired to go out of your job in a big way?  Given the creativity of the millennial generation, you tube’s finest is now the way to commit.   So get your best clothes on and get some cool Kanye music and make it happen. What do you think about this as a... Read more »

Nutrition matters

Today millennials need to be more focused on every aspect of their life than ever.  On this day when the Federal Government is shutdown, we need to really make sure that we are completely balanced so we can have the strength to get to the next level.  It’s tougher and harder than ever before so... Read more »

Being perfect by Ron Padgett

A long time ago Ron Padgett wrote a book on how to be perfect.  I think we all can learn a lot from him. Millennial or not, let’s look at a few of the simple ones like: Get some sleep; Hope for everything. expect nothing; Be friendly. It will make you happy; Don’t be too... Read more »

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