The future of work has arrived. Keeping up with the changing landscape is more essential than ever. Our workplace experts have curated useful resources to help you thrive.
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Coaching as a Vehicle for Workplace Transformation

If 2020 was a massive shakeup, then 2021 is the year of shift and impact. To maximize your results and position your company to compete in the new workplace of the future, take the time now to create a coaching culture of connection within your organization. Coaching is the new connection currency. Our launchbox Coaching... Read more »

Learn to Love Your Performance Review and Up Your Game

Have a performance reviewing coming up? The first step is to take a plain and simple DEEP BREATH: just RELAX. Performance reviews aren’t bad – they are AWESOME. WHY? They are pure, unadulterated opportunities for you to learn and grow. If you really want to crush your goals and up your career game, you have... Read more »

3 Tips to Help You Effectively Work From Home

(Guest Post by Tracie Johnson) Are you in the position of having to work from home? This is a trend that already on its way to becoming more prevalent. However, the recent global pandemic has made it even more common. More and more people are making use of an office in their house. Here are... Read more »

5 Performance Review Tips for Managers

Now that we’re back to work for 2021, it’s performance review season! Whether formal or informal performance reviews or day-to-day coaching, it’s important you really understand how to discuss performance in a manner that serves the employee. Specifically, performance discussions must connect with and make a difference for your employee. Your people want to do... Read more »

Corporate to Entrepreneur Interview With Speaker Dan Negroni

DURATION: 32 minutes, 28 seconds Corporate to Entrepreneur Interview With Speaker Dan Negroni Guest speaker Dan Negroni on “Corporate to Entrepreneur” Interview Series with Lisa Williams, Chief Inspiration Officer from Perfect Side Gigs.

Hack #3

DURATION: 3 minutes, 13 seconds Hack #3 to Guarantee Success in the Multigenerational Workplace: Reskilling From the Inside/Out What does it take to really bridge the gap in the multi-generational workplace? To transcend age, culture, diversity, and experience? To overcome everything that pulls us apart in order to pull teams together and crush it in... Read more »

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