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Struggling managers. Young rockstars. Stalled careers. Executives that need to be polished. Our results-focused corporate coaching helps individuals and teams unleash their superpowers and crush the obstacles in the way of their success.

launchbox and Dan Negroni offer results-focused corporate coaching

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We’ve been delivering virtual corporate coaching for years. We offer all of our programs via Zoom for ultimate flexibility and effectiveness.

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Corporate Coaching FAQ

The cost of our corporate coaching varies based on the amount of time you require. Our coaching is retainer-based and is payable in full upon execution. This cements commitment to maximize the work. Our sessions are defined as any combination of actual meeting time, on-demand work when you need us, prework and postwork related to your engagement. We do minimum engagements of 6-12 months and at least one session per month, frontloading the first few sessions to get you going.

You will start by meeting with a coach for a free one-hour “change your life” session. From that session you will set goals, create a plan and sign a contract that sets forth your engagement.

Let’s get started.

Our corporate coaching delivers results from the very first meeting. For the best results and longest-lasting change, self-work and behavior change is required. We’ve learned this takes a minimum of 6 months and usually more like 12-18 months. Many of our coaches have clients that stay with them for years, however, our ultimate goal is to work ourselves out of a job so you become your own coach. We like to use the phrase “Go Coach Yourself.” Because our corporate coaching programs are all online, it’s never been easier to connect anywhere at anytime.

Your first remote coaching session starts with a conversation about where you are and what you want. Our job is to help you quantify what you want to learn and become. While coaching is iterative, we can usually understand if there is a fit immediately. This is also your opportunity to interview us and determine if we are the right fit.

From there, business “therapy sessions” have coaches interviewing the participant on tough questions, working from the inside out to establish their goals through a blend of assessments and our own proprietary training website. Leaders learn not just how to maximize performance, but how to monetize themselves and deliver ROI to both themselves and the organization at large.

Our coaching process stresses the importance of strategic planning as a mindset, as opposed to a once-a-year process. Leaders learn to evaluate and refine their strategic plans on a daily basis, allowing for quick pivots when necessary. We effectively teach leaders how to communicate amidst change, and come out better for it with more responsive, nimble, and effective teams.

Part of our proprietary corporate coaching system is a mini 360. We talk to the teams and stakeholders that matter to your performance. We listen, understand and coach based on the feedback that we discover in the process. We help you understand the feedback and perception of you as a leader and create awareness and communication tools for you to effectively grow, lead and transform yourself.

Our goal is to teach our clients how to coach themselves. We want to create lasting behavior change to instill high performance. We teach people to connect with themselves, so they can articulate their value, connect with others and lead. We focus on the right tools, hacks and tips for connection and communication, the most important skills. We help you master those skills to create record results.

Our expert executive business coaches have more than 400,000 hours of combined expertise and have mastered our proven system of inside-out transformation. Our approach is action-oriented and gets immediate results, because our coaches know how to push you to achieve your goals while also providing the support you need. Plus, we’ve been doing virtual leadership coaching for years, and we stay connected through text, email and Zoom during the entire process.