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Crossed lines of communication. Misperceptions. Mixed generations. Diversity and inclusion. Remote work.

These features of the modern workplace are here to stay. You need innovative, immediate solutions that create a connected culture and maximize your multigenerational workforce.

Want to connect people to themselves to create great performance, teams, ideas and businesses? Live by this simple principle from Zig Ziglar:

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

launchbox program Corporate Culture & Team Training

Corporate Culture & Team Training

Executives, millennials, Gen Z: Connect all the generations through a single engagement process. Our corporate training programs are designed to transform your workplace culture, create high-performance teams and propel your business to enduring success. Start building cross-generational connections, relationships and trust today.

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Corporate Coaching, Consulting & Outplacement

From entry level to executives, great leadership is personal. We’ve cracked the code to developing leaders at all levels from the inside out by unlocking their natural abilities with a bold, authentic and nonjudgmental style. Our fail-safe system is guaranteed to reveal and strengthen everyone’s inner leader.

launchbox Corporate Coaching, Consulting & Outplacement​
launchbox Individual Career Coaching

Individual Career Coaching

Own your career path, develop your management skills or land your dream job. Our career coaching and consulting services help individuals find fulfilling work, become great leaders, improve sales and customer service performance and more. Unleash your superpower and discover next-level success and innovation.

Our Process
Our proven system of inside-out transformation delivers immediate results for individuals and teams by assessing challenges and addressing them head-on.
1. Establish the Baseline
We diligently assess your organization’s strengths and challenges, so that we can customize our transformative training, keynotes or coaching to maximize your organizational growth. The assessment allows us to meet you where you are today, then position you for decades of individual and organizational success. We’ve easily adapted to the remote working environment, using apps, personalized video, virtual presentations and Zoom meetings to meet you and your millennial workforce wherever you are.
2. Know Thyself
We work from the inside out to provide a roadmap for your next generation change-makers to understand themselves and develop the skills they need to connect, relate and engage with your organization. We call it “Know Thyself.” First we provide your organization with copies of Chasing Relevance to help you understand our system and establish common ground. From there, we’ll help your workforce understand themselves so clearly that they can articulate their value, build trust and empathy, increase corporate mindfulness and create a foundation for true communication and connection.
3. Bridge the Gap
We teach high-performance habits to diverse audiences and include all types of employees. To create our provocative, interactive keynotes, divisional presentations and workshops, we next must bridge the gap between individuals, align expectations and outline the path to success. Total alignment helps to supercharge connection at an unprecedented level and empowers organizations to create the diverse next-gen workplace that is vital to their long-term success.
4. Deliver Systematic Training
Our hands-on, virtual, remote and corporate training courses are based on real research developed from coaching thousands of individuals and teams. Training typically involves advanced pre-work through individual coaching combined with an online learning portal to enhance the experience. Our segmented hourly, remote half-day or in-person one- or two-day programs focus on personal accountability, authenticity, shared purpose and delivering results. Choose our master trainers or use your in-house team through our train-the-trainer program.
5. Sustain the Change
We provide lasting organizational change that enriches employees' individual lives at a foundational level. Our training not only delivers immediate results but changes the conversation in your workplace and creates long-lasting habits of accountability, communication and trust. Our advanced coaching programs and reinforcement tools such as e-learning, m-learning and our launchbox365 app provide ongoing support and accountability.
6. Measure Success
We provide real, measurable results. We report on your ability to attract, recruit, motivate and retain your workforce, as well as improvements in engagement and productivity, particularly among high cost, at-risk millennials/Gen Z and HIPLs. We’ll use the results to fine-tune improvements to your onboarding and employee training programs.
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