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Is enough sleep the new black?

With iPads, iphones, kindles, google, internet and every other info-tech distraction out there are our millennials getting enough sleep.  We all know how it feels to try and hit it hard when we don’t have enough sleep.  We are tired, dragging and not on our game.  If life and success and having it all are about what you bring to the table… you need enough sleep.   Millennials get your rest.  Don’t you remember when your ancient Gen-X parents were telling you to get enough rest for the next day.  Well that is probably one of the best lessons you can learn from them.  If you are not well rested and ready to go, well then you are average.  Who wants to be average?  I know you do not, you have things to do, records to break and ideas to contribute to change the world.  Average is not the new black, but dynamic, smart, authentic, aware and on it are the new black.  So get enough friggin sleep and turn off the iphone when you’re in bed.

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