Dan Talks with Lawpreneur Radio

Listen to launchbox’s founder, Dan Negroni’s interview with Lawpreneur radio.

A few highlights from the podcast:

Fail fast to succeed faster

– Dan thinks that failure is always good because we can learn from it.
– Listen as Dan shares that his biggest failures came from not listening to his gut rather listening to the people and experience that he has attracted.

Tell us something good

– Dan tells us that he experiences success everyday at Launchbox. He receives text messages daily from clients sharing their successes with him.
– Dan says that his greatest success are his marriage and his kids.

How do you support a Lawpreneur?

The name Launchbox comes from its two parts:
– Launch – to spark, to ignite, to jump or take action
– Box – the toolbox that you create from your experiences and your network

Launchbox is all about bridging the gap between the generations:
– They teach millenials real world skills that they can use to succeed professionally and personally
– They teach older managers how to work with and relate to millenials to lead both groups to success.