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Our Energy Cycle

Energy Cycle

Check this out! We call it our energy cycle. 
This bike and its spirit represent all that is inspirational in our universe. Positivity, Mentorship, Caring, Relationship Building, and Authenticity. All wrapped together in the energy of my dear friend and my own ‘tell it like it is’ mentor Marty Klitzner.

From you, I learned so much and just hope to share it with the world through launchbox. You lent me my first bile to take on cycling and find and create a mind-body-career focus. You kicked me in the ass every time I strayed from the path or wanted a shortcut on the journey. You were an inspiration! Your pure enjoyment was seeing others grow and excel. Well, you also liked good food and cars too, but who could argue. We only hope that we can pass it forward in that spirit and become as good as you!
Every time we look up we draw from your power and spirit.
THANKS! Here’s to bold success. RIP Marty.

5 New Surprising Findings About Millennials – OPEN Forum

These findings confirm our research and experience working with millennials!

Many people associate Gen Y with lazy, un-loyal, technology-focused kids that are a challenge to manage. While some millennials may associate with one or more of these behaviors, we believe (and have the research to back it) that millennials are great assets in the workplace.

This article outlines 5 really interesting facts that break the common misconceptions associated with Gen Y. Learn how your misconceptions of this younger generation could actually help businesses, especially in relating to the increasing number of millennials in in the workplace.  Read for more info!