5 New Surprising Findings About Millennials – OPEN Forum

These findings confirm our research and experience working with millennials!

Many people associate Gen Y with lazy, un-loyal, technology-focused kids that are a challenge to manage. While some millennials may associate with one or more of these behaviors, we believe (and have the research to back it) that millennials are great assets in the workplace.

This article outlines 5 really interesting facts that break the common misconceptions associated with Gen Y. Learn how your misconceptions of this younger generation could actually help businesses, especially in relating to the increasing number of millennials in in the workplace.  Read for more info!


Is this your idea of training Millennials?

Click here to see a funny video. Is this really what we have to look forward from millennials?  I say absolutely not.  Ask us why and how you can avoid this exaggerated perception of the new workforce.