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Millennial Quits in a Boss Way

Have you ever desired to go out of your job in a big way?  Given the creativity of the millennial generation, you tube’s finest is now the way to commit.   So get your best clothes on and get some cool Kanye music and make it happen. What do you think about this as a […]

Nutrition matters

Today millennials need to be more focused on every aspect of their life than ever.  On this day when the Federal Government is shutdown, we need to really make sure that we are completely balanced so we can have the strength to get to the next level.  It’s tougher and harder than ever before so […]

Being perfect by Ron Padgett

A long time ago Ron Padgett wrote a book on how to be perfect.  I think we all can learn a lot from him. Millennial or not, let’s look at a few of the simple ones like: Get some sleep; Hope for everything. expect nothing; Be friendly. It will make you happy; Don’t be too […]

Is enough sleep the new black?

With iPads, iphones, kindles, google, internet and every other info-tech distraction out there are our millennials getting enough sleep.  We all know how it feels to try and hit it hard when we don’t have enough sleep.  We are tired, dragging and not on our game.  If life and success and having it all are […]

Richard Branson – I hire for personality

Richard Branson says I hire for personality.    Make yours shine through in your interview by investing in yourself.  be prepared for you interview, research the company, the interviewer and be an expert on yourself.  Have a prepared pitch and be prepared to use that pitch to charm and connect with your interviewer, make your […]

New Book for Millennials interested in Sales

Did you ever think that you could learn about basic relationships in a book about selling? Well believe it or not .  You can and it does teach! Jeffrey Gitomer gets the basics about relationship building.  He knows exactly how to let you know the unbreakable laws for creating real and true relationships through knowing […]

Opportunity looks like hard work!!

The new mantra for millennials.   Don’t feel like a fraud.  Focus on yourself and make good with these lessons.   Opportunity looks a lot like hard work.  Work hard, pay your dues and dedicate yourself to taking the steps to where you need to get.  Being sexy is being smart.  Continue to learn each […]