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Millennials: The Nation’s Most Dogged Optimists

Most adults, when asked the difference between millennials and Gen X, would say that millennials are more self-centered. They have been described as a ‘me generation’, always needing constant gratification and attention. Time Magazine even featured a cover article called “The Me Me Me Generation! Millennials are Lazy, Entitled, Narcissists”(Is it narcissistic if I get offended by […]

Vianova Interviews CLO Dan Negroni

Earlier this week, the founder and president of ViaNova sat down to talk to our Chief Launch Officer, Dan Negroni, about launchbox and the millennial generation. The result is an awesome article on Vianova’s blog! In the interview, Dan discusses how managers can harness the power of the millennial generation and the inevitable changes in […]

Are Company Dress Codes Getting Too Casual?

  Business casual or “flip flop Fridays”, THAT is the question. Recently, there has been a trend in many companies to ‘loosen the ties’ on corporate dress codes, so to speak. Many innovative companies, like Google, Apple, and Facebook, are ditching the suits in exchange for a more laid-back dress code. The thought behind the […]

John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

Coach John Wooden of the UCLA Bruins spent his career fostering greatness. Throughout his time as a coach he has developed his ‘pyramid of success’. The pyramid puts emphasis on important traits such as Industriousness and Enthusiasm, which all build to the goal of Competitive Greatness. The idea behind the pyramid is that a truly great athlete, […]

Take a Risk!

Seth Godin makes a great point in his latest article when he says that the phrase ‘I have no good ideas’ is a cop-out for not having any riskless ideas. We believe in being bold to achieve success. You don’t move forward if you are afraid to take a few risks. He says, “Pretty good ideas […]

5 New Surprising Findings About Millennials – OPEN Forum

These findings confirm our research and experience working with millennials! Many people associate Gen Y with lazy, un-loyal, technology-focused kids that are a challenge to manage. While some millennials may associate with one or more of these behaviors, we believe (and have the research to back it) that millennials are great assets in the workplace. […]