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What Employers Really Want

In 2000, Mel Gibson starred in a movie called, “What Women Want.” Gibson plays your prototypical male chauvinist advertiser, a modern version of Mad Men’s Don Draper. His character sets off on a journey to discover himself, become a better father, better boyfriend, and to truly, more deeply understand himself.  The catalyst for this change […]

Get Published

Dan was interviewed by Paul Brodie on the Get Published Podcast. They talked about what it takes to write and publish your first book. Listen to the podcast here.   Paul: What is the one piece of advice that you would give to a first-time author who is currently writing their book? Dan: The biggest piece of […]

It’s Not About You, Or Is it?

“The highest type of ruler is one of whose existence the people are barely aware…When his task is accomplished and things have been completed, All the people say, ‘We ourselves have achieved it!’” – The Tao te Ching A Culture of Greatness The San Antonio Spurs are an anomaly in the professional sports world. They […]

Is the Golden Rule Good Enough?

Is the Golden Rule Good Enough? How to become an other-focused leader. We all know the Golden Rule. But what if I could give you even more than The Bible? Yes, you’ve heard the Golden Rule repeatedly from everyone ranging from your mom/dad to your teachers, your bosses and even the brands you love. The Golden Rule: […]

Millennials: eLearning Is Real

This is a guest post by Tarun Reddy, Digital Marketing Manager at 16best.net, expert in Market Research, SEO, Inbound marketing, content marketing, and lead generation. tarun@16bestco.com Technology has surely come a long way. Who’d have thought online schooling could be a full blown actuality? Yet, eLearning today is changing our lives for the better. Millennials stand to benefit […]

Passion and Power: A Generational Divide

In honor of Memorial Day and in appreciation and remembrance, we thought to share some insights on how the Millennial idea of leadership (laid back, informal, and non-authoritarian) and the military’s idea of leadership (strict, traditional, and authoritarian) seem to be at perfect odds with one another. But what if the contrast between Millennial’s idea […]

Reverse Mentorship Is the Key to Success for Millennials and Their Law Firms

For years, attorneys have used traditional approaches to mentorship. The familiar, apprentice-type relationships where experienced, tenured lawyers provide advice to the new lawyers in their firm. While mentorship programs are common in most firms, technology, an evolution of social norms, and the economy have changed the world and millennials comprise a new generation of lawyers […]

5 Steps for You to Help Manage Law Firm Culture and Create a Succession Plan

After an amazing 4-city tour of the East Coast Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) Chapters and enjoying great people, great conversation, and great debate, I got to thinking…  What was the number one challenge that affected all these amazing and caring law firm administrators? Well, it didn’t take long to see a pattern. Very quickly, […]