Executive Coach

Kolby Goodman is the founder of the personal consulting and training company, The Job Huntr. As a Career Coach, he has been successfully providing programs in career advancement and job satisfaction since 2013. He’s grown The Job Huntr into a global company that helps people around the world regardless of culture, industry or season of life.

Kolby is motivated by an innate desire to lend a hand and help others. His leadership style is compassionate, engaging, and experiential. Before starting The Job Huntr and striking off on his own, Kolby scaled the corporate ladder as an IT professional in San Diego. He learned a lot through trial and error, being willing to take risks, and get outside his comfort zone. He draws on his own life experiences to illustrate how anyone can succeed if they’re just willing to put in the work.

Kolby is extremely compassionate and able to connect with people regardless of age, gender, culture, or background. He’s passionately curious about people and truly believes everyone has a story worth hearing. He sees it as his job to help people uncover their unfair advantage (even when they don’t believe they have one) and remind them how special they are.

Kolby is best described as equal parts “pat on the back and kick in the ass.” He encourages people, but pushes them and holds them accountable for the things that they want. He genuinely wants to see his clients succeed and works hard to push them to do more than they think they’re capable of and become the person they need to be to take their lives and careers to the next level. He isn’t afraid to tell them or show them what it’s going to take to get there, but rather than let them be discouraged, he gives them the tools and guidance they need to overcome all the obstacles standing in their way.

Outside of his US-based clients, Kolby has helped people in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, England, Spain, Korea, China, and Japan. He works with people who are entering the workforce for the first time, veterans transitioning back to civilian life, individuals who have been incarcerated, and people returning to work after taking time off to raise their kids, care for a sick loved one, or combat their own illness. In terms of diversity, the youngest client he’s worked with was twenty-two years old and the oldest seventy-one. And there’s hardly any industry he hasn’t touched. His clients have included Panasonic, the Society for Human Resources Management, Starwood Hospitality Group, the Model UN, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, HR Roundtable, universities and schools, national professional organizations, and nonprofits.

Kolby has been a speaker at Start Up Week San Diego and regularly holds free workshops to help disadvantaged youth, victims of domestic violence, drug addicts, former inmates, and more learn how to put their best foot forward and find a job that aligns with their skills and passions. He’s been featured in a variety of publications including Huffington Post, LinkedIn, PopExpert, MediaBistro, Career Inteligence, and MainStreet.