Aaron Horwath is the definition of a trendsetter and influencer.  His journey to a life changing discovery occurred after graduating from the University of Portland in 2014.  He now lives, understands and teaches the opportunity of working as a young professional internationally.  Learn from his experience as he shares how to gain invaluable professional work experience while living in exciting cities around the world.

He started his international journey in Hong Kong and then to his current home of Vietnam and has taken full advantage of the opportunities living abroad offers. Since graduation, Aaron has been a freelance writer for travel startups, started his own eCommerce store MASI Shop, become a Program Manager at an international hospitality school start up, and is currently a Project Integration Manager at an international technology company.

With no rule book or guidance, Aaron has learned the hard way how to navigate international job markets and network to find opportunities in foreign countries without any connections. He graciously shares his firsthand experience and journey of  the incredible personal and professional growth that working internationally provides for those willing to make the leap.

Now his mission is to help others interested in taking an international career path. He built and created 12hourdifference.co, a site featuring his own insights and the insights of other professionals around the world about life working abroad. As globalization continues to create more international opportunities for millennials, Aaron is a guide to help his fellow millennials reap the benefits that he has enjoyed during his time abroad.

Aaron received his B.A. in Secondary Education from the University of Portland and is a licensed teacher in Oregon and has spent over 1,000 hours working in Oregon public schools. He was also a collegiate tennis player and the recipient of the University of Portland Presidential Merit Scholarship.