Workplace Culture, Leadership, and Team High Performance Systems

Unleash the superpowers inside your teams and create certainty in your future

Unleash the superpowers inside your teams and create certainty in your future

Now more than ever, our Strengths & Story and Bridge the Gap coaching systems will create safety, connection and belonging for your employees, executives and teams.

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How it works

Strengths & Story

We use a blend of assessments and personal exploration to help participants understand who they are, where they come from, and what they uniquely bring to the table.

More importantly, they learn how to use their personal stories along with proprietary coaching and performance tools as a backdrop for more effective communication, to create trust, and to uncover the internal hang-ups that feed bias and inhibit honest, transparent collaboration.

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Bridge the Gap

Once you know yourself better, we’ll show you how to bridge the gap between yourself and others to build healthy, productive and resilient work relationships.

Once participants better understand themselves, they will learn and practice the fundamental leadership and communication skills necessary to affect change. The process encourages trust and empathy and ensures all sides feel their personal story, views, and ideas are heard, considered, and most importantly, respected, creating the bedrock of a truly high-performance culture.

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Coaching &
Behavioral Change

We turn business challenges into immediate learning opportunities, then make these new behaviors part of your life to create lasting change.

launchbox coaches participants through a blend of scheduled coaching events and on-demand coaching, which allows participants to text or call in for guidance. Significant emphasis is placed on sustaining the lessons learned, in large part by transforming participants into practiced coaches in their own right. They not only make these new behaviors part of their daily lives, but develop their teams' high potential to prepare them for leadership.

When people feel more connected to themselves, they’re more connected to others and the workplace—even the virtual workplace. That’s the beauty of our system! And the results are profound.

Coach Danny, Founder
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100-Day Guarantee

Our Strengths & Story system guarantees a growth breakthrough for your teams and business within the first 100 days.