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Millennials are the new power

They are changing the way we run our businesses and sell our products and services.
Think Blockbuster/Netflix, Taxi/Uber and Hotels/Airbnb.







Gen Z

What Should We Expect From This Up and Coming Generation?

Gen Z is 32% of the population


Gen Z will be 40% of all consumers




Traditional corporate and leadership training programs are stale. Existing employees and this next gen require MORE: on-demand, personalized learning and coaching that breaks through all the noise, drives engagement, and ensures sustained application to create a workplace of the future.

We eat, sleep and breathe Millennial.  We understand what they want and how to deliver it in a way that empowers your talent, transforms your culture and drives increased productivity and performance.

  • Two-Way Street

    We know that there are 2 sides to every relationship so we train both your managers and your millennials on how to work together more effectively.

  • Inside Out

    We believe change starts with the individual. We help your employees understand their own strengths and the value they bring to the table.

  • Direct and Bold

    We take a direct no BS approach to our enterprise training, consulting and coaching programs, holding each individual accountable for their role on the team.

  • Touchy and Techy

    We know that deep, personal learning and growth cannot be done on a computer.  So we combine in-person experiential training with technology to sustain the results.

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We have been trying to catch the attention of managing partners on the topic of millennials for a very long time and have had several instructors who have failed. Dan’s appropriately confrontational speaking style resonated with the powers that be and started a conversation that continues. 
Judith McInturff, Esq., Director of Continuing Legal EducationColumbus Bar Association
I can honestly say that as a direct result of using Dan’s coaching our team has been able to meet our strategic objectives in growing our business, by introducing new services and working more closely as a winning team! Dan’s no-nonsense evaluations, pointed recommendations, and specified action plan put us on that path.
Stephen Soules, Chief Service Officer and EVPBooz Allen Hamilton
Dan has a fresh message and a direct and highly effective style and ability to reach all generations but especially the millennials. When Dan spoke at a NAIOP DL luncheon, I brought most of the ICE staff to hear him. Dan includes hands on work where everyone is completely engaged, his workshop and presentations are extremely effective. It not only reinforced the principles I’m teaching and that we learned in his book but was a great company bonding experience.
DeLinda Forsythe, CEO and FounderInnovative Commercial Environments (ICE)
Dan’s style is modern, generous, gracious, engaging, innovative – a really cool mix of different leadership qualities that surprise you, keep you engaged and make you leave wanting more. Dan is one in a million and you will be fortunate to participate in one of his programs!
Uli Heine, Sr. Director of DevelopmentProject Concern International

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